4214 58th Street, Red Deer, Alberta
Phone: (403) 346 - 0055 | Fax: (403) 347 - 8759
Caretaker: (403) 877 - 5809

Rental Information

Main Hall

The main hall consists of the main & dance floor, stage and mezzanine level and accommodate approximately 350 people for seated functions. Chairs and Tables are provided.

Maximum capacity / occupant load:
 Dining & BeverageNon-fixed Seats & Tables
Main Hall 369 466
Mezzanine 64 81
Floor Space (approximate)

Whole Floor

Dance Floor


3750 sq feet 1225 sq feet 448 sq feet
We Have
Round tables Rectangular tables Chairs
36 - 5ft diameter, 8 seats 22 - 3ft x 8ft

over 300

Bar and kitchen space is available at Festival Hall. Though ideal for catering and general food service, the kitchen is not fully equipped with utensils and dishes so is limited for on-site food preparation. Frying and cooking with oil is not permitted due to fire regulations.

Main Hall Fees
Full Day Rental - Saturdays: $720.00 (8am – 3am)
Sunday: $70.00 / hour, minimum 3 hours rental ($210)
Friday & Weekdays (after 4:30 on school days): $70.00 / hour, minimum 3 hour rental ($210)
Booking Fee: $150.00 - Paid at the time of booking to secure date
* Non-refundable if cancelled within 90 days prior to event
Refundable Security Deposit for Alcohol Event: $635.00
Refundable Security Deposit for Non-Alcohol Events: $500.00

* We accept Cash, Certified Cheque / Money Order, Debit, Visa and Mastercard

** The Security Deposit will be refunded, in full, if no damage is determined upon inspection of hall or if corkage numbers remain as declared when payment was made, otherwise an adjustment will be made for the difference.

CORKAGE: $4.75 / person - ages 5 years and up.

Numbers must include band members, organizers and guests whether or not they consume alcohol. A count will be made by the bartender during the event and you will be asked to sign off for the numbers in attendance.

The Corkage charge is mandatory with an alcohol event. Corkage includes soft drinks, mix, glasses, ice, lemon/lime slices, etc.
The corkage fee is based on the declared number of people when prepaying the event. This amount will change if the numbers increase.

BARTENDERS: $15.00 / bartender / hour + GST – Mandatory Charge

Only bartenders supplied by the RDCHS are hired -- minimum of two bartenders must be hired.

Bar must close according to the liquor license. Premises must be vacated no later than 3:00 am (cleanup time included) unless specified in writing that more time is requested.

Bartenders will not handle cash, Tickets only.  The Society can provide ticket sellers at $15.00 per hour if  contracted to do so.

SECURITY: $25.00 per hour + GST.

Maybe required depending on type of event, but at least one commissionaire (2 or more as required depending on numbers attending) for ALL alcohol events. Commissionaires receive Time and half after 8 hours.

The commissionaires will:

  • Ensure that no alcohol is taken out of the hall.
  • Ensure that no alcohol comes into the hall.
  • Call the police in case of an altercation.
  • Patrol the interior of the facility and the parking lot.
  • Make sure that no outside doors are propped open during the event (except for loading and unloading).
  • That only the back door is used for loading and loading.
  • Be the last person to leave the hall and ensure that all lights are out and doors are locked.

  • Hall Set-up - no charge if done by renters
  • Hall Take-Down & Clean-up – all garbage must be picked up off floors, garbage containers emptied, tables and chairs put away as per directions (below) – No charge if done by renters
Optional Services:
  • Hall Set-up (tables & chairs): $150.00
  • Hall Take-Down & Clean-up: $250.00

May be ordered for the tables at the following rates

  • 85” x 85”: $5.75
  • 52” x 114”: $5.75

* Linens must be ordered at least one (1) week prior to the event.
GST to be added.

** Prices are subject to change depending on suppliers’ rates.