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Caretaker: (403) 877 - 5809

Rental Information

Alcohol Events

The Renter is required to obtain a Liquor Permit and abide by its restrictions.

The Renter is required to obtain Party Alcohol Insurance for the event.

Proof of $2 Million Party Alcohol Liability Insurance naming RDCHS, as additional co-insured must be given to the Manager prior to the event.

No alcohol is to be left in the Hall overnight. The Renter is required to use bartenders supplied by the Society, they reserve the right to close  the bar if violations occur.

The Renters are required to use Security (Commissionaires) provided by RDCHS for all alcohol events. The commissionaires reserve the right to close the bar and terminate the  ue of the facility violations occur.

Liquor License

The lessee shall be responsible for obtaining the necessary liquor permits. The permits must be given to the Bartenders prior to bar being opened.  It must be displayed along with the receipt listing the alcohol purchased.  The presence of additional alcohol in the hall will result in closure of the bar.

We are registered as a minimum service bar to serve, beer, coolers and basic cocktails such as Caesars and screwdrivers, etc.

The permit must accompany any unsold alcohol being transported after the event.

NO GLASS BOTTLES other than wine bottles are allowed outside of bar space. Purchase beer in cans for your function.

NOTE: The Society shall not be held responsible for the termination of a booking due to  the failure on the part of the renter to secure the appropriate licenses.

All alcohol, opened or unopened, must be removed from the hall by 3:00 am.