4214 58th Street, Red Deer, Alberta
Phone: (403) 346 - 0055 | Fax: (403) 347 - 8759
Caretaker: (403) 877 - 5809

Rental Information

Conditions Of Rental

The following conditions outline the responsibilities of the renter for ALL events.

  1. Respect to the building and furniture is expected at all times.
  2. Proof of $2 Million Party Alcohol Liability Insurance naming RDCHS as co-insurer shall be provided to the RDCHS Manager prior access to the Hall for a alcohol event. Open liquor is not permitted prior to the time stated on the liquor license.
  3. The renter shall be responsible for the control and behaviour of the patrons and guests.
  4. The renter shall be financially and legally responsible for compensating the RDCHS for any damages that have been caused by patrons or guests at the function.
  5. Cooking with oil is not allowed in the Hall as per Fire Regulations
  6. The Red Deer Cultural Heritage Society (Festival Hall) will not be held responsible for injury, theft etc, caused by the actions of the patrons.
  7. The renter shall be responsible for setting up and taking down of all chairs and tables, platforms, or other equipment, unless otherwise contracted.
  8. Take down must be done immediately after the function, unless prior arrangements are made.
    Note: Round tables must be set up on two legs (just like rectangular ones) and not on one.  Damage will be assessed if legs are bent.
  9. Stack chairs 6 high in a single row along the south back wall. Stack chairs with round, silver backs on top of round, silver backed chairs, and stack the round, black backed chairs onto the same round, black backed chairs, and please stack the silver, square backed chairs on the similar silver, square backed chairs ($50 stacking fee will be charged for improper stacking).  The tables must be returned to the storage room and stacked by size.
  10. No Staging/Scaffold/platforms to be brought in without prior permission.
  11. The Renter agrees to remove ALL  personal property from the Hall immediately after the event.  Absolutely no alcohol is to be left on the premises beyond the time stated on the liquor license!  The license is to be taken with the alcohol.
  12. Cleanup is the responsibility of Renter, unless otherwise contracted.  Please use attached check list, sign and return to the Festival Hall Caretaker.
  13. The Renter agrees to report to the RDCHS any problems or damages relating to the event.
  14. Absolutely NO decorations shall be taped to or pinned to the walls or the back of chairs. Please use the hooks that are provided or attach to the balcony, or railing only.
    Absolutely NO CONFETTI of any kind to be used inside or outside the hall.
  15. The Hall is a gum free facility-- any found on floors or carpets is a billable expense for cleaning cost.
  16. No open flame candles are permitted. This is in accordance with Fire Regulations, NO EXCEPTIONS!
  17. The premises must be vacated by 3:00 am, unless prior written approval has been arranged.

*** Your signature on the Booking Form confirms that you have read and understand The Conditions of Rental!