4214 58th Street, Red Deer, Alberta
Phone: (403) 346 - 0055 | Fax: (403) 347 - 8759
Caretaker: (403) 877 - 5809

Rental Information

Rental Procedure

The Festival Hall booking deposit is $150.00 and must be paid when the booking is made. The booking fee ensures the booking date is confirmed.

  1. On receipt of the booking deposit the RDCHS will issue an invoice and receipt.
  2. Cancellation of the booking less than 90 days before date booked will result in the loss of the booking deposit.
  3. Refundable Security Deposit (amount to be paid is on the rental contract) is due 60 days prior to the event.
  4. Cancellation less than 60 days before the date booked will result in the loss of the Security Deposit, unless another booking replaces it.
  5. The Security deposit will be returned to the renter after the event , less any extra charges and when all required documents are received.
  6. Additional security will be called if deemed necessary, with additional charges to the renter.
  7. The RDCHS reserves the right to refuse a booking deemed not suitable.
  8. The RDCHS will ensure that access to Hall is available by 8:00 am on the day required.
  9. The Festival Hall caretaker will open the doors at the stipulated time on contract, familiarize renters with the facility, ensure any requested set-up is in place and will return at the time specified by the renters. It is the responsibility of the renters to remain at the hall until the caretaker is present. Security deposit will be retuned only with return of the checklist signed by the caretaker.
  10. Please call the office at the Cronquist HouseĀ  403-346-0055 prior to the event to confirm balance due, etc. as payment must be made by Debit, Credit Card, Cash, Certified Cheque or Money Order prior to the caretaker opening the hall.
  11. In the absence of hall staff , if problems are encountered please call (403) 877-5809 or (403) 318-9316

Thank you for choosing Festival Hall for your event.

Please enjoy your event in a safe and responsible manner.

Make sure that your guests take precaution and make arrangements to arrive home safely if they have been drinking.