4214 58th Street, Red Deer, Alberta
Phone: (403) 346 - 0055 | Fax: (403) 347 - 8759
Caretaker: (403) 877 - 5809

Rental Information

Festival Hall Check List

___ Stack chairs 6 high in a single row along the south back wall. Stack chairs with round, silver backs on top of round, silver
        backed chairs, and stack the round, black backed chairs onto the same round, black backed chairs, and please stack the
        silver, square backed chairs on the similar silver, square backed chairs ($
50 stacking fee will be charged for improper

___ Clean all table tops before returning them to the storage room (supplies in kitchen).

___ Stack round and rectangular tables in the storage room according to their sizes ($25 stacking fee will be charged for
        improper stacking).

___ Mop any spills in the kitchen as they happen.

___ Renters must clean the kitchen; countertops should be wiped and the floor swept.

___ Pick up garbage, inside and outside, garbage bags are in the kitchen in a cupboard between the bar and walk-in

___ Tidy bathrooms and empty garbages.

___ Take all garbage bags outside to the bin behind the hall. Please make sure the lid is closed properly.

___ Remove everything that you have brought, e.g. food, alcohol, dishes, pots and pans, etc.

___ Repairs to walls or chairs due to tape or pins will be assessed at $50.00 per damaged area plus $40.00 per hour
        for labour & materials.

___ Report any damages and provide feedback to the caretaker.